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Carny Life is a site established by Gary Powell to flesh out his idea of the idea of Bakhtin's "carnivalesque" as a culture and as a way of being. Gary Powell's work on this topic began as a thesis discussing humor in heavy metal culture through the works of Anal Cunt and GWAR. Deciding there was no future in Academia for him, not finding anyone who would be otherwise interested in the topic, and interested in making money, Gary got a job outside of Academia and decided to make it a hobby. As such, don't expect this to be exhaustively researched or a complete idea. In fact, toss out the idea of an idea ever being truly complete, it's not a healthy way of thinking of the world.

This wiki will eventually cover a pretty broad range of topics, beginning with a discussion about the theory itself, some of the problems with it, and the context out of which it arose. Then it angles to try to spark discussion about related topics to the theory. While my initial thesis work focused on the idea of disrespectability in heavy metal culture, Bakhtin's carnival culture is simply rooted in the idea of disrespectability. There are millions of ways to be disrespectable, and this wiki aims to touch on those as best as possible, from heavy metal to gangster rap and even porn.

So, if you want to learn what I'm thinking about, read this site. If you don't, there are a whole lot more interesting things out there to think about and do rather than read this, so I recommend you go out there and find something else to do. But if you want to think about disrespectability and what it means, feel free to keep reading.